Buy Maharaja Whiteline Clemio 10 + WH-135 Storage Water Geyser at Rs 4,999 Only

4 years ago

Original Price : ₹7999 Discount : NA Final Price : ₹4,999

Product Detail

Buy Maharaja Whiteline Clemio 10 + WH-135 Storage Water Geyser at Rs 4,999 Only. Freshen yourself up with a warm water bath after a tiring, long day. This Maharaja Whiteline storage water geyser simplifies things by instantly supplying you with hot water.

Specifications of Maharaja Whiteline Clemio Storage Water Geyser

  • 4 Star Rating
  • Thermal Cut Out
  • MG Anode
  • 2 KW Energy Rating
  • Multi Valve Function
  • Plastic 8 Bar Storage Water Heater.

Features of Maharaja Whiteline Clemio Storage Water Geyser

ABS Body
  • This water heater’s ABS body not only makes it visually appealing, but also contributes to its longevity.
Unique Tank Coating
  • A unique tank coating on this heater prevents it from corrosion and rust. This feature adds to the overall lifespan of the heater by preventing internal damages.
Designed to Impress
  • Other than the fact that this heater is easy to maintain, it is also designed to prevent current leakage, and is suitable for all types of lavatories.
Suitable for Residential Homes
  • This heater boasts a pressure capacity of 8 bar which allows it to heat water instantly. The heater is suitable for use in residential homes.
Temperature Control Knob
  • The temperature control knob on the heater’s front lets you control the water temperature according to your convenience.
Energy Efficient
  • This energy efficient heater operates on a power output of 2000 W.
Made in India
  • The Clemio 10+ is loaded with features that make it suitable for the needs of Indian households.

Questions and Answers-

Q: How many members can this geyser serve?
  • For bathing using shower for 2-3 members or using buckets 4-6 members
Q: Is this geyser suitable for High Rise buildings?
  • Yes it can be used
Q: Does it have Thermal Cut Off?
  • Yes the Geyser Auto Shuts after reaching a certain temperature

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