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Again Reliance Came up with an exciting Offer like Reliance Jio Sim. This time they are providing Jio Lyf Easy Smartphone at Rs 1000 Only. You can book Reliance Jio 1000 Rs Smartphone From Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. Check Out the links For Rs 1000 JIO LYF EASY Smartphone from Amazon Flipkart & Snapdeal.

If You Are Looking to Buy Jio 4G Sim Then You have to  Buy Jio LYF Easy Mobile Phone Or Other Similar Phone Which Supports JIO 4G SIM.It is going to be the first phone in India to be launched Under 1000 Rs which will be the minimum price phone. You will Get Free JIO 4G SIM With Unlimited Data And Voice  Till 30-june 2017. Users Can Buy Any LYF Flame Smartphone Model With JIO 4G SIM With Unlimited 4G Data And voice Call. Book Reliance LYF Flame Jio 4G Sim Offer From Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon. Please Check How to Buy:

Book 4G Reliance JIO LYF EASY Rs 1000 Mobile Phone

Reliance is now going to launch Jio LYF Easy smartphone which should be world cheapest 4G Smartphone because they are going to offer it under Rs 1000. They are going to Launch these offers From January 2017. Reliance Jio LYF Easy are world Cheapest Smartphone According to many sources.

Reliance LYF Jio 1000 Rs Smartphone Specifications:-

Reliance Jio Lyf Easy Mobile Features 

  Model Name

  Device Type

 Reliance Jio LYF Easy 







 4GB, 512MB RAM
  Processor  Spreadtrum 9820 

 5 MP primary

 2 MP Secondary

  Wifi  Hotspot Available 
  Price  Rs. 1000 only

 first smartphone under

 1000 Rs with 4G VoLTE

 and many more feature


Reliance Jio Lyf Easy Rs 1000 Smartphone are capable of 4G VoLTE, powered by Spreadtrum 9820 processor, High quality of Front and Primary Camera,  Bluetooth & Wi-Fi available with hotspot. 

Regarding Reliance LYF Jio Easy Rs 1000 Smartphone

  •  Price of Reliance jio smartphone Price - Rs 1000 Only

  •  Booking date of Reliance jio 1000 rs smartphone release Date - feb 2017

  •  Reliance Jio 1000 Smartphone model name - Reliance Jio Lyf Easy

How To Buy Reliance Jio 4G Sim With Free unlimited 4G Data + Unlimited Voice Call

Now You can Buy LYF JIO Mobile Online From Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal. Choose Any LYF Jio Smartphone model And Get Free JIO 4G SIM With Unlimited 4G Data And Unlimited FREE voice Call Till 31th Dec. Book Reliance Jio Sim + Buy LYF SmartPhone Offer: Get Unlimited 4G +Voice Call For Next 3 Months

Book Reliance LYF Rs 1000 JIO Mobile Online

They are Offering Wide Range of Mobile Phones On Reliance LYF JIO Phone. Reliance is offering an amazing deal in which you can get an LYF 4G Android 5.1 smartphone along with Reliance Jio 4G Sim at Rs 2999. And You will Get Unlimited 4G access for 3 months and voice calls via Reliance Jio 4G sim. Buy Reliance LYF 4G Smartphone with exciting offers.

Here is the list Of All Reliance LYF Jio Smartphones which You Can Buy

 Book Reliance LYF WATER Mobile Phone

 1   BuY Reliance LYF Water 1 Mobile (White,Black 16GB) -->  At Rs 9,999

2   BuY Reliance LYF Water 2 Mobile (Silver, 32GB)  -->  At Rs 9,699


Book Reliance LYF FLAME Mobile Phone

1  BuY Reliance LYF Flame 8 Mobile (Blue, Black, White 8 GB)  -->  At RS 4,199

2  BuY Reliance LYF Flame 1 Mobile (White 8 GB)  -->  At RS 5,800

3  BuY Reliance LYF Flame 2 Mobile (White 8 GB)  -->  At RS 3,699

4  BuY Reliance LYF Flame LS-4503 Mobile (Black 8 GB)  -->  At RS 4,299


Book Reliance LYF WIND Mobile Phone

 1   BuY Reliance LYF Wind 1 Mobile (Black 16 GB)   -->  At RS 6,765

2   BuY Reliance LYF Wind 2 Mobile (Gold 16 GB)  -->  At RS 3,699 

3   BuY Reliance LYF Wind 3 Mobile (Black 16 GB)  -->  At RS 6,999

4   BuY Reliance LYF Wind 4 LS-5014 Mobile (Black 8 GB)  --> At RS 7,999

5   BuY Reliance LYF Wind 5 Mobile (White,Black 8 GB)  -->  At RS 5,499

6   BuY Reliance LYF Wind 6 LS-7009 Mobile (Black 8 GB)  -->  At RS 6,399


Book Reliance LYF EARTH Mobile Phone

1  BuY Reliance LYF Earth 2 Mobile (Gold, 32GB) --> At  Rs 17,579.00


Buy Reliance Jio Sim + Lyf Jio Mobile Phone

All you need to do to book for Reliance JIO 4G SIM card is that simply head over to this store, and purchase a Reliance LYF phone, get then SIM Card  

1 Click Here Buy Reliance LYF JIO SIM & Mobile From Flipkart

2 Click Here Buy Reliance LYF JIO SIM & Mobile From Amazon

3 Click Here Buy Reliance LYF JIO SIM & Mobile From Snapdeal


Other Device that Supports Reliance Jio Sim - For Getting 4G Sim first you have to buy 4G Handset or if you having then see your phone model number in our list and then follow all given steps.

Samsung devices:
Grand Prime 4G,  Galaxy J1,  Galaxy J2,  Galaxy J7,  Galaxy J5,  Galaxy S5 Plus,  Galaxy A5,  Galaxy A7, Galaxy Core Prime 4G,  Galaxy S6,  Galaxy J3 (2016),  ON7,  Galaxy A8,  Galaxy S6 Edge,  ON5,  Galaxy Note 5,  Galaxy Note 4,  Galaxy Alpha,  Galaxy S6 Edge Plus,  Galaxy Note 4 Edge,  Galaxy Note 5 Duos,  Galaxy S5 Neo, S7,  Galaxy A5 (2016),  Galaxy A7 (2016),  S7 Edge,  A8 VE,  J5 (2016),  J7 (2016),  ON5 Pro,  ON7 Pro,  Galaxy J2 (2016),   J Max,  Galaxy A9,  Galaxy A9 Pro,  Galaxy C5,  Galaxy C7, Galaxy J2 Pro,   Galaxy Note 7.

Micromax devices:
Bolt Selfie,  Canvas 5,  Canvas 5 Lite,  Canvas 5 Lite Special Edition,  Canvas 6,  Canvas 6 Pro,  Canvas Amaze 4G,  Canvas Blaze 4G,  Canvas Blaze 4G Plus,  Canvas Evok, Canvas Fire 4G,  Canvas Fire 4G plus,  Canvas Fire 6,  Canvas Juice 4G,  Canvas Knight 2,   Canvas Mega 2,  Canvas Mega 4G,  Canvas Nitro 4G,  Canvas Pace 4G,  Canvas Play 4G,  Canvas Pulse 4G,  Canvas Sliver 5,  Canvas Tab,  Canvas Unite 4,  Canvas Xpress 4G,  Unite 4 Plus,  Unite 4 Pro

Karbonn devices:
Aura 1,  Aura Power,  Quattro L45 IPS, Quattro L50 HD, Quattro L51 HD, Quattro L52 VR, Quattro L55 HD

Reliance Jio Preview offer supported mobile phone list, Free Jio Sim: Reliance Jio 4G Prepaid Sim Card

Lava devices:
A71,   A72,   A76,   A76 Plus,   A88,   A89,   A97,   Ivory s 4g,   Lava V5 M,   Pixel V2,   V2s,   X10,   X11,   X12,   X17,   X28,   X38,   X41,   X41 Plus,   X46,  X50,   X50 Plus,  X81

Xolo devices:
Black-1X M,   era 1X,  era 2X,   era 4G,  era 4K,  era X

LG devices:
K332 (K7 LTE),   K520DY (Stylus 2),   K520DY, H860 (LG G5),  K500I (X Screen),   K535D (Stylus 2 Plus),   LGH630D (G4 Stylus 4G) & LGH 442 (LGC70 Spirit LTE)

Gionee devices:
E8, F103 Pro,   F103(1GB), F103(2GB),   F103(3GB),   M4,   M5,   M5 Lite,   M5 Lite CDMA,   M5 Plus,   P5L,  S Plus,   S6, S6s,  S7,   V6L

Panasonic devices:
ELUGA L,  ELUGA Switch,  ELUGA Icon,  T45,   ELUGA I2 ( 1GB ),   ELUGA L2,  ELUGA Mark,  ELUGA Turbo,  ELUGA Arc,  ELUGA I2 2GB,  ELUGA I2 3GB,  ELUGA I3, ELUGA Icon 2,  ELUGA A2,  ELUGA Note,  P55 Novo 4G,  ELUGA Arc 2,   P77

Jio Preview offer supported devices 4g phone list, Free Reliance Jio Sim:

ASUS devices:
ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE550KL),   Zenfone 2 (ZE551ML),   Zenfone Max (ZC550KL),   Zenfone 2 Laser 5.0 (ZE500KL),   Zenfone 2 (ZE550ML),   Zenfone Selfie( ZD551KL), Zenfone 2 Laser (ZE601KL),   Zenfone Zoom(ZX551ML),   Zenfone Go 5.0 LTE (T500),   Zenfone 3 ZE552KL,   Zenfone 3 Laser( ZC551KL),   Zenfone 3( ZE520KL), Zenfone 3( ZS570KL),   Zenfone 3( ZU680KL)

Yu devices:
Yu Yureka,  Yu Yutopia,  YU Note,  Yu Yuphoria,  Yunicorn,  Yunique,  Yuphoria,  Yureka Plus,  Yureka S

TCL devices:
FIT 5.5,   Pride T500L,  TCL 560,  TCL 562

Alcatel devices:
OneTouch X1,   Pixi 4 -5,   POP Star,   POP3,  POP4

Reliance Jio 4G Sim Plans

All Packs of Reliance Lyf Jio 4G Sim

How To Get/Claim:

How To Buy Reliance LYF Flame Mobile Phone & Book Online Jio 4G Sim

1. Visit On LYF Flame Smartphone Collections

2. Buy Reliance 1000 Rs Mobile Phone & Choose Your Model

3. Find Store

4. Enter your Area/Location/Pin Code

5. Go to Store And Purchase It

6. Comment below if you have any doubt

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