Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz Contest Today's Answers 2nd August 2020: Win Assured Rs 1000 Flipkart Gift Cards, Free Supercoins

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Flipkart has Started Fake Or Not Contest With  questions In Video & They Are Giving Away Assured Free Gifts worts Rs 1000 Flipkart Gift card or ₹50 Gift Card and Free Flipkart Supercoins to the lucky winners. Win Free Rs 1000 Flipkart Gift Cards, Free Supercoins.

Name of the Quiz Fake or Not Fake
Date Everyday 
Quiz Time 00.00 hrs to 23.59 hrs IST
Quiz Available at Flipkart App

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz Contest Todays Answers 2nd August 2020

1. Whiskey will be sold in paper bottles?

2. Ratan Tata said that a non-Tata could one day be the Chairman of Tata Trusts?

3. Priyanka Chopra was married before she married Nick Jonas?

4. Funeral service was conducted in Iceland for a Glacier?

5. Union government revokes the power of the police to grant bail?

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz Contest Todays Answers 1st August 2020

Question 1. RBI grants licence to Bank of China to open its branch in India
Answer 1 – FAKE

Question 2. Amitabh Bachchan was initially named Inquilaab
Answer 2 – Not FAKE

Question 3. WHO said asymptomatic patients cannot spread covid19
Answer 3 – FAKE

Question 4. Fish with human lips and teeth found in Malaysia
Answer 4 – FAKE

Question 5. It is illegal to use monkeys for entertainment purposes in India
Answer 5 – NOT AKE

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz Contest Todays Answers 31st July 2020

1. Nostradamus had predicted that corona will spread in Italy from China in 2020

Answer 1 – Fake

2. Indians spend most of their time reading

Answer 2 – Not Fake

3. CPI leaders protest against India

Answer 3 –Fake

4. Badshah wont make remix songs

Answer 4 – Not fake

5. Asian giant hornet bite left people unconscious

Answer 5 – Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz Contest Todays Answers 30th July 2020

Question 1. Dharavi was an island until the 18th century
Ansers: Not Fake

Question 2. Badminton was originally known as Poona
Ansers: Not Fake

Question 3. PMC collects Rs. 1 crore in fines in 5 days
Ansers: Not Fake

Question 4. Diljit Dosanjh was Ivanka Trump’s guide to see the Taj Mahal
Ansers: Fake

Question 5. Budwesier employee was peeing in beer tank for 12 years
Ansers: Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz Contest Todays Answers 29th July 2020

Question 1. Drinking alcohol can protect from Covid-19 infection
Ansers: Fake

Question 2. Residents of Indus valley civilization had private toilets
Ansers: Not Fake

Question 3. WHO offers upto $100 for 2-3 hours of work from home
Ansers: Fake

Question 4. Kalki Koechlin’s great grandfather was the chief engineer of the Eiffel Tower
Ansers: Not Fake

Question 5. Bihar’s businessman lodged complaint against dog for stealing Rs. 400,000
Ansers: Not Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Answers – 28th July 2020

Question 1. Uttarakhand forest fires were unnatural

Answer 1 – Fake

Question 2. Russia completes clinical trials of Covid19 vaccine

Answer 2 – Fake

Question 3. Himesh Reshammiya has composed new 300 songs during the lockdown

Answer 3 – Not Fake

Question 4. Goair employee posted hateful tweets

Answer 4 – Fake

Question 5. Guiness world record for fastest nose typing

Answer 5 – Not Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz Prizes

  • 100 Winners Get Rs 1000 Flipkart Gift Vouchers.
  • 3000 Winners Get Rs 50 Flipkart Gift Vouchers.
  • Other Winners Get Free 25 Or 20 Or 10 Supercoins.

How to Play the Fake or Not Quiz on Flipkart Video?

  • To play the game, you need to have the Flipkart app which you can download from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.
  • After you sign in to your Flipkart account, click on the ‘Games’ banner on the bottom of the page.
  • Then scroll down a bit, and you will see the ‘Flipkart Video’s Fake or Not?’ banner.
  • Now all you gotta do is click on the Play button to start the episode.
  • During the episode, the host will provide context on various topics before posing the questions. When the question appears, select ‘Fake’ or ‘Not fake’ before the timer expires.
  • There’ll also be a timer on the bottom left corner which will show you when the next question will appear. 
  • Don’t worry if you miss a question. In case you have missed answering a question, you can re-attempt all the questions by watching the entire episode within the episode end time.

What is Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz?

  • Flipkart has started a new quiz again called Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz. To win the reward in the Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz, you are required to claim your Prize as a necessary step. The reward will be disbursed directly to the wallet section before 15th September 2020

At what time does the Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz starts?

  • Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz starts at 00.00 hrs and ends at 23.59 hrs IST 

When did the Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz start?

  • Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz started on 21 July 2020 and will be held till 10 August 2020.

Where to play the Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz?

  • Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz can be played on Flipkart App. 

How to avail this offer?

How To Play Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz??

1- Download Flipkart APP

2- Sign-In Or Signup Your Flipkart Account

3- Now Play Flipkart Fake Or Not Contest Video

4- Watch Video And Give Above All Correct Answers

5- After Answering Click On Collect Reward And Win Exciting Prizes


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