Great Learning Free Online Courses with Certificate: Get 100% OFF on All Courses + Free Certificate on Course Completetion

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Great Learning Free Online Courses with Certificate: Get 100% OFF on All Courses + Free Certificate on Course Completetion.

Great Learning free courses are offered on the platform of Great Learning Academy that is developed by Great Learning to provide Great Learning free courses with certificate to millions of students around the globe. Great Learning Academy covers courses on Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Software Development, Sales and Business Development, Digital Marketing, Big Data, and many more. 

How to enrol for Great Learning free online certification courses

The students who are in the plan of opting for the Great Learning free certification courses can enrol through the following steps: 
  • At first, Sign up/Sign in the Great Learning and go to ‘Great Learning Academy
  • Find Free Great Learning Free Courses you want to join and the course page will appear
  • Choose the option ‘ENROL FOR FREE’ and attend the course
  • After the completion of course, the certificate will be reflected on dashboard within 24 hours. 

Great Learning Free Courses: Here are latest top 10 free courses we've curated to help you level up your skills.

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - 4.5 Rating  |  95K+ Learners
  2. Prompt Engineering For ChatGPT - 4.59 Rating  |  2L+ Learners
  3. Python Fundamentals for Beginners - 4.57 Rating  |  6.4L+ Learners
  4. Excel for Beginners - 4.49 Rating  |  10.6L+ Learners
  5. Introduction to Ethical Hacking - 4.52 Rating  |  3.6L+ Learners
  6. AWS for Beginners - 4.53 Rating  |  1.2L+ Learners
  7. Complete IELTS Prep Course - 4.66 Rating  |  13.6K+ Learners
  8. Introduction to Digital Marketing - 4.45 Rating  | 8.6L+ Learners
  9. Data Science Foundations - 4.45 Rating  |  5.6L+ Learners
  10. UI / UX for Beginners - 4.53 Rating  |  2.5L+ Learners

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How to avail this offer?

Benefits and Overview of Great Learning Free Online Courses

  • Free courses available in 10-plus topics
  • Offered by reputed universities and companies. 
  • Available for all levels of learners
  • Available in English and Hindi 
  • Certification of Completion 
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Enrol in multiple courses at one time