Groww App Referral Code- krishna-gopal63062, Groww App Reviews, Groww App Refer and Earn Upto Rs 10,000

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Original Price : Upto ₹10,000 Discount : NA Final Price : Upto ₹10,000

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Groww App Refer Code- krishna-gopal63062, Groww Dmat Account, Groww Mutual Fund, Sip, Groww App Reviews, Groww App Downloads, Groww App Refer and Earn Upto Rs 10,000 

India’s fastest growing investment platform with 80 Lakh+ users. No transaction charges, no subscription charges, no hidden ... Transact seamlessly, switching between our app and website. Groww to invest in direct mutual funds at 0% commission.

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Groww App Referral Code App Download:

App Name Groww App
Groww App Download Link
Download Groww App
Groww app Referral code
Groww App Refer and Earn Offers
Rs 100 per refer
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Groww - Invest In Mutual Funds
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What Documents You Need To Open Groww Account ?

  • Aadhar Linked Mobile Number with OTP
  • Aadhar Card and PAN Card Photo
  • Live Selfie Photo of PAN/Aadhar Holder
  • Digital Signature in App
  • Physical OR Payments Bank Details / Digital OR Copy Statement

Steps To Get Started With Groww App: Just follow the below steps:

  • Download the Groww app from our link.
  • After the successful installation of the app, open the app.
  • Register yourself on the Groww app.
  • You can use your Email or Google account to log in.
  • Fill up a simple registration form with your basic details.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • You will receive an OTP, enter it into the space provided and verify your mobile number.
  • Now you are all set with your Groww account.

How To Earn Through Groww App?

  • Open the Groww App and click on “You” tab.
  • Go to the Refer and Earn option.
  • You will see a unique Referral link there. Copy the link and share it with your friends using any social media or even as a text message.
  • When your friend downloads the Groww app from your link and verifies his mobile number, you will get Rs. 50.
  • When he verifies his documents, you will get Rs 100.
  • Further, when he makes his first investment of Rs 2000 or more, you will get Rs 850.

Benefits of Investing in Groww App:

  • India’s fastest growing investment platform with 80 Lakh+ users. 
  • Earn upto 1.5% extra Returns: Major investment platforms provide regular mutual funds, but Groww provides you direct mutual funds.
  • Invest for FREE: Groww lets you invest online - no transaction charges, no subscription charges, no hidden charges. Zero charges on all equity delivery investments
  • Use cutting-edge technology to ensure that your personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored.
  • Access anywhere, anytime, Transact seamlessly, switching between our app and website.

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How to avail this offer?

Why Invest in Groww AppGroww helps investors in the following way

  •  By providing objective evaluation of products available on Groww
  •  By bringing up red flags, if any, involved in the products. However Groww does not guarantee to bring out all red flags
  •  By being transparent about fees and charges involved in investing in a product
  •  By clearly representing the risk associated with buying a product

Groww App Charges: Mutual funds or stocks, investing on Groww is free.

  • Equity Delivery:  Charged by broker on buy orders when equity is delivered in demat account. It is Zero on Groww.
  • Equity Intraday:  Charged by broker, if you buy and sell on the same day. It will be charged at a minimum of ₹20 or 0.01% of executed order value.
  • Account Opening Charges:  Charged one time for opening trading and demat account. It will be ₹200 ₹0 (Limited Period Offer) on Groww.
  • Transaction Charges:  Charged by exchange for trading. It is 0.00325% on NSE and 0.003% on BSE of order amount, applicable on both buy and sell.
  • Stamp Duty:  Charged by government as stamp duty for contract note. It is applicable on buy orders only - 0.015% for equity delivery and 0.003% for equity intraday.
  • Clearing Charges:  Charged by clearing member of NSSCL (clearning corporation of NSE) and ICCL (clearing corporation of BSE). It is Zero on Groww.
  • GST:  GST of 18% is applied on charges wherever applicable.
  • AMC (Account maintenance charges):  For managing your account. It is ₹75 + GST charged quarterly.
  • DP Charges (Sell Order):  Charged by DP for debiting stocks from demat account. It is ₹8 + ₹ 5.50 (CDSL Charges) per ISIN (company/ETF) per day on Groww regardless of quantity sold.
  • DP Charges (Buy Order):  Charged by DP for crediting stocks to demat account. It is Zero on Groww.
  • SEBI Turnover Charges:  Charged at 0.00005% by SEBI (Securities and E