Shaw Academy Complete Diploma in photography Course- Master your camera and go from beginner to pro in just 16 weeks

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Shaw Academy Course: Master your Camera in just 16 weeks, Complete Diploma in photography. Sign up now and get unlimited access to ALL of our courses for lifetime.

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COURSE DETAILS: Whether you want to tell a story, sell a product, or just capture the beauty around you, photography is essential for fulfilling your creative vision. On this course, we will teach you the skills you need to make the transition from fully automatic to fully manual shooting. Expand your creative potential and capture the images you have always dreamt of by joining this course today. 

Lesson 1: Camera Types

  • An overview of photography in the modern era. Get familiar with your camera, how it works, and get started with improving your photography straight away!

Lesson 2: Camera Features and Functions

  • Making sense of camera terminology and modes on cameras. Getting familiar with what cameras can do and what all the different buttons do.

Lesson 3: Lenses – Your view of the world through your camera

  • Exploring different lens types, understanding focal length, and getting the most out of your current set up.

Lesson 4: Composition – Start seeing as a photographer

  • Improving photos instantly by understanding basic composition and ideas on what to look out for!

Lesson 5: Shutter speeds

  • What shutter speeds are and how to use them creatively to capture motion. An important step to full control.

Lesson 6: Apertures

  • What apertures are and how to use them effectively to create depth and the next step to full control.

Lesson 7: ISOs

  • How ISO works and the important role it plays in our lower-light and high-speed photography. Improve your focusing ability in the lesson too.

Lesson 8: White Balance

  • Why do our cameras sometimes get colors wrong, or how can you really bring out the colors in that sunset? Find out with White Balance in this lesson.

Lesson 9: Good Exposure and the Light meter

  • What is exposure and how the camera measures light? No more photos that are too dark or too bright! Make sure you get it perfect every time.

Lesson 10: Fully manual mode – Take complete control

  • Putting it all together to take full creative and technical control. Getting to fully manual is only the beginning, it will unlock your potential as a photographer

Complete Diploma in photography Course Details

1. What is Photography?

  • This first lesson explores photographic styles and how they are used as forms of communication. This lesson also explains the process of capturing and recording. Understanding the concept of exposure, is essential to your ability to capture the scene, the way you see it. Finally we take look at the various types of cameras currently available and why you would use one over the other.

2. Camera Functions and Lenses

  • In lesson 2, we will look at the common functions that appear on most cameras and demystify their use. Understanding these functions will expand your creative control and open up new possibilities for your images. We also explore the most frequently used lenses and when and where they are used.

3. Motion and Depth

  • Controlling and manipulating motion and depth in your images will allow you to add drama and sophistication to your images. Whether you want to freeze an athlete in action or blur the background of a portrait, controlling motion and depth will expand your capabilities and allow you to explore new subjects.

4. Composition

  • Composition refers to the placement and relationship of elements within a picture. The arrangement of elements in a scene, the angle they are shot at, and the distance the photo is taken from, can completely change the final outcome of your photograph. Understanding how to explore all of the compositional possibilities of the scene will greatly improve your ability to capture the best photographs.

5. How Much Light is enough?

  • To fully understand how much light, you need to capture for a scene, you need a way of measuring how much light is there. Lesson 5 looks at the light meter and discusses how it can be used to understand your exposure, even before you have taken the picture and is essential to moving into Full Manual mode.

6. Fully Manual Mode

  • The marriage of shutter and aperture in manual mode gives you the most creative control offered to you by the camera. Having an understanding of the relationship between the two, will allow you to expand the potential of your photography and make creative decisions that were not available to you before!

7. The Colour of Light

  • In Lesson 7, we look at the different colours of various light sources and how they can change the atmosphere and mood of your photographs. We explore focusing and how it is key for taking high quality photographs that are sharp and capture your vision.

8. The Digital Image

  • Here we explore file format and how digital images are constructed. This gives you an insight into the file formats available on your camera which equips you with the knowledge to select the highest quality file format and image size that best suits your purpose. We will also look at some image editing software and the key differences between the most popular ones on the market.u benefit them?Getting to Know Social Media.

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